talking about homeless: GOD BLESS THE CHILD

theoretically, we can read books about urban poor, homeless, gender and children. but its hard to understand how it feels as a poor, homeless…

ya… I dont have any experiencing about it.

I do share with them, but it doesnt mean do feel the same things. no.. I only hear them, but on my days, I’ve never sleeped on the street, for example.

so, I always have difficulties in explaining urban poor to my colleague. trying another methodology is an alternative solution. but, still, I dont have any clue

until, one day, I watched a movie on tv late at night.. as I remembered, the title was GOD LOVE EVERY CHILDREN. I searched on the internet, there was nothing! no right key words. so my idea, watching the movie about homeless, poor, gender and children was gone…

then, another late at night, I couldnt sleep, and watched tv and they played that movie, AGAIN. then the right title is GOD BLESS THE CHILD. Yay!!! I was yelling happily on my head!

GUYS lets watch this movie!!!!

Single mother, Theresa Johnson, becomes homeless, loses her job and tries to survive with her young daughter, Hillary, through charities and public shelters. click here for advance information.



actually, it’s late!

I should write the title few months ago.

but, still OK-lah…

it’s better late then never, right?!