critic : how sustainable are u[kdw]?

after checked-read-deleted process, here i/we find -finally- who are the real classmates of A group. it just like administration process, during doing that, my eyes were rolling and tearing. hiks… not because of posting[s], but because clicking on new tab-waited while open-checked-read-deleted or not.. on and on and on. repeated about more then 80 times.

the postings are quite in ’same’ level of perception while talking about UKDW and sustainability. you, guys talk about what-who-when-how-why inside the complex of UKDW.

none of you mention about the surrounding, neighborhood environment. what-who-when-how-why outside of UKDW.

can we sustain if they can’t?

sustainable is about the whole system and they connected.

Making ukdw sustain, is not only because of the ‘green’ or the ‘material’ or the ‘user’ or the ‘learning process’ INSIDE, but also about HOW UKDW ganerate the surrounding so they will be sustain as ukdw do.

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