Tea 4 Theory

guys, I’ve been thinking and discussing with some friends of mine about how to deliver sustainable in the right corridor, so sustainable is not only about in choosing material, or choosing paint label or planting more tree…

last week, when we imagined jogja in 2020, there were many ideas which is choosing to move from earth and stay on other planets, like mars. in one hand, it’s OK while many movies show us how convenient live in the jet plane or another space craft.

instead of moving to another planet, earth is the most livable for human being’s livelihood. ck! yes indeed! escape from earth is the last choice in the worst situation.

before that, let us think, what we should do in order to design. and before we learn how to design, first we should have the same level in understanding global warming issue, so we know why some’thing’ should be sustained, should sustain.

then we learn how to ‘think’ ‘act’ ‘design’ sustainably.

i choose to watch movie, a lecturer from al gore, receiver of UN climate control nobel peace prize. u can read his site on wiki for more information.

it’s more than an hour movie, i need to know that no body will fall asleep deeply … (*.*) so, black meke-meke and i bring something to drink and eat during movie lecturer from al gore.

then u can read also the sustainability on wiki, as the second step.

then we’ll discuss sustainability in producing space, sustainable design.

so, hoping you enjoy the tea and soy n ‘telo’ scrips.

yes, tea for theory class!

side site to read:

* catatan probo hindarto

* some books, may be we should read

* green architecture

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