workshop indosity and tool kit

yesterday, during architecure studio 2, i had to attend the #1 class of the workshop. i joined in the middle of Dr. markus zahnd presentation.

but still, i get and understand the enjoyment and the excitement of the workshop. he try to explain why the tool kit is important. and this is the reason

“in designing, we must use both side of our brain.

when we got the idea of the character, the atmospere, the scene of the space, we use our left brain.

but the way we draw, the way we make model, the way we present the design of the space, we use our right brain”

so, in simple way, we should use left n right brain, together, to produce great space[s] as the result of designing. but, like mr. zand have been proven that in last decades, architects work with only left brain, using 50% of his/her brain ability.

with the tools, indosity tool kit, we can push use our brain optimally, during process in making the existing model, analyzing and designing. then, after play with the tool kit, we’ll try to use the software for indosity, for the first time. noted: FOR THE FIRST TIME

can u imagine who the first user of autocad or sketchup or corel or photoshop or..rrrm…rrmmm window system? yay…we have a chance to be the one, the #1 using the indosity.

wow, great! I’ll join the workshop. the reason is not only because of the #1 issue, but because i do love to know how my brain is, if it works/uses/pushes optimally.

*big grin* cause, i dont really think that i use it optimally.

the most important in the bold style is i love urban studies!

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