experiencing urban tool kit

there were 14 undergrad students, a grad student from UGM and a colleague tried to use urban tool kit. few hours before them, we, the lecturers, tried it as a guidance during workshop, at least one step forward the students.

last tuesday, they built the ‘city’s’ existing, that divided into 16 plats so each of them had a plat. first step is they had to connect all the street with others plats, to make a circulation system such as; major street, secondary and neighborhood street. they put the biggest blocks, the biggest street and trees for the major street, and put smaller ones for secondary and the smallest ones for neighborhood.

sounds easy, ya! but there were some obstacles to make the finishing in several junction, like in Y junction, or X junction. so, the way we use the block is the art of the design…

after that they filled in the area behind the street with kampong block mass, YIIIHAAA… this is the real challenging. reconnect, reopen, rebuild, and others re-re-re…

fuih…they need 3 hours to make this figure.

how it looks? GREAT, right?

hmm, can’t wait what happen in the next step, on next friday.

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