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reading vs listening and viewing

The reader can do what the viewer and the listener cannot, which is to pause and reflect, turn the pages back and the argument over, compare one fact with another and, in general, appreciate the detail of evidence without being distracted by it.

The Ascent of Man (Jacob Bronowski)

budaya amerika?

The Food of a Younger Land: A Portrait of American Food- Before the National Highway System, Before Chainrestaurants, and Before Frozen Food, When the Nation's Foodwasseasonal, Regional, and Traditional- From the Lost Wpa Files


this is america,
the land with no ministry of culture,
where politicians alone are portrayed on the money.


garden and library

cicero quote

sepertinnya, ini angan-angannya orang yang gak mau pergi-pergi. orang yang “sudah selesai”.
mungkinkah pernyataan ini dibikin oleh cicero ketika dia sudah tua, ketika sudah enggan jalan-jalan menjelajah kota? saya tidak tahu.

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