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“jika nuklir itu baik kenapa kami tidak boleh memilikinya,

jika nuklir itu tidak baik kenapa kalian memilikinyaā€¯


do not feel guilty about idleness

If you write, good ideas must come welling up into you so that you have something to write. If good ideas do not come at once, or for a long time, do not be troubled at all. Wait for them. Put down little ideas no matter how insignificant they are. But do not feel, any more, guilty about idleness and solitude.


book and alter ego

Today we think of a book as an instrument for justifying, defending, disputing, explicating, or chronicling a doctrine, but in Antiquity a book was seen only as a substitute for the spoken word. Let us remember the passage in Plato where he says that books are like statues: they may seem alive, but when you ask them something they do not reply. To overcome this difficulty, he invented the Platonic-dialogue, which explores all of the possibilities of a subject.

jorge luis borges; “kabbalah” in seven nights

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