urigo iseki: the yayoi settlement

detail of  touching the ground roof

detail of touching the ground roof,
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It was during the Yayoi period that rice cultivation first became established on any significant scale, particularly in paddies and particularly in the south and west of the country, and this clearly reflected the cultural preferences of the newcomers. It was to become a cultural foundation for subsequent Japanese through to the present.

It also brought about far more permanent settlement, giving rise to greater territorial identification and – particularly as the population grew to around two million – the need to defend and expand boundaries. This led in turn to increased fighting, in which those who possessed metal weapons – in addition to the ability to muster warrior forces – had their status further strengthened. And of course, increasing warfare between tribes led to inter-tribal ranking in terms of winners and losers.

Asahi in Aichi Prefecture, is the largest Yayoi settlement yet found, covering almost 200 acres as opposed to the 5–70 acres of the typical settlement.

[this information was taken from A HISTORY OF JAPAN: FROM STONE AGE TO SUPER POWER 2nd edition, by: KENNETH G. HENSHALL, Palgrave Macmillan; Version 2]

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