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The Effect of Voice Instruction on the Construction of Mental Model

Restyandito, Alan H. S. Chan, Umi Proboyekti

Human-Computer Interaction. Advanced Interaction Modalities and Techniques
Volume 8511 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 481-491

The goal of this study is to observe the effect of instruction deliverance method in the construction of mental model. A good mental model can help the userís learnability process. There were two methods tested in this study: a step-by-step instruction (SS) and a complete set of whole-steps instructions (WS) to finish a given task. The SS group performed better on the learning process, however they had the least score on both the information retention and transfer process. Their minds were not engaged in the process, as they seemed to simply follow the instructions without being critical. When error occurred, they tended to be less persistent in trying to finish the task. This might be caused by the incomplete mental model as a result of receiving the instruction step by step.

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Digital Literacy: Kemampuan Penting bagi Mahasiswa

Umi Proboyekti

Buletin Informatika : Wacana Ilmiah Teknologi Komputer dan Informatika
Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana Vol IV No. 01 Oktober 2003 ISSN : 0853-8611

Mendapatkan informasi dalam berbagai format dan dari berbagai sumber, baik cetak maupun elektronik, memerlukan kemampuan khusus yang disebut digital literacy, atau melek digital. Kemampuan ini seharusnya menjadi kemampuan dasar bagi mahasiswa dalam menjalani proses belajar.

Mengerti Digital Literacy
Tulian ini diilhami oleh sebuah buku tentang Digital Literacy dengan latar belakang dunia barat. Saya mengerti kata " digital" dan saya mengerti juga arti kata " literacy", tapi gabungan dari keudanya: Digital Literacy, merupakan kata lain yang belum saya pahami maksudnya. Dari buku tersebut diberikan suatu definsi dari Digital Literacy, yaitu: Digital literasi is the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers[1]. Dalam terjemahan bebas artinya: kemampuan untuk memhami dan menggunakan informasi dalam berbagi bentuk format dan dari berbeda sumber ketika informasi tersebut disajikan melalui komputer.


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PORTALS FOR WOMEN: Do Women Need Them?

Umi Proboyekti, Widi Hapsari, Wiyatiningsih, Imelda Damanik

Proceedings of the Joint Conference onlnformatics and Research on Women in ICT (RWICT) 2004
Organized by Faculty of Computer Science & lnformation Technology University of Malaya
28 - 30 July 2004 Putra World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Portals for women are niche portals that focus their contents for women.Some of them mimic magazines drawing the attention of women users. Our research subjects are represented by female students aged 19-22. We examine their needs for resources in the lnternet and discover whether portals for women are needed for information. The infornmtion needed varies from personal needs to resources for completing their study tasks.


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lnformation Literacy: Evaluasi Sumber fnformasi dari Aplikasi Web 2.0

Umi Proboyekti
Penerbit: UKDW dan Pohon Cahaya

Information literacy merupakan istilah yang padanan katanya dalam Bahasa Indonesia belum disepakati. Ada yang memadankan dengan kemelekan informasi, keberinformasian, melek informasi atau literasi informasi. Pada umumnya istilah yaug terakhirlah yang digunakan karena mendekati istilah aslinya sekalipun kata literasi jalang sekali digunakan atau mungkin tidak pemah. Dalam tulisaa ini, istilah information literacy digunakan untuk menjaga arti dan menghindari perbedaan karena belum sepakat tadi. Secara singkat, infonnation literacy adalah kemampuan menemukan dan memanfaatkan informasi secara efektif, efisien dan etis. Terasa sederhana penjelasannya, tapi sering kali pada kenyataannya tidak sederhana. Waktu ada
kebutuhan informasi, infonnasi yang dibutuhkan tidak selalu dapat tersedia atau didapatkan dengan mudah. Pada saat didapatkan maka penggunaannya pun perlu diperhatikan. Etika menjadi salah satu syarat yang melekat ketika informasi digunakan. Salah menggunakan informasi dapat berakibat buruk pada banyak tingkatan. Sebagai contoh, dalam dunia akademik, pada umumnya sumber infonnasi digunakan untuk menghasilkan produk informasi lain. Karya ilmiah didasarkan pada teori-teori dari berbagai sumber. Teori-teori itu digunakan dan jadi dasar dalam karya ilmiah. Wajib bagi penyusun karya ilmiah tersebut untuk mengakui dan menyebutkan dengan cara yang benar sumber dan penulis teori-teori tersebut. Di sini letak sifat etis. Bagi yang tidak melakukan, maka dianggap plagiat, dan hal itu memiliki risiko. Demikian secara sederhana tentang information literacy.


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Presented in Conference on GenNExt Libraries 2012 : Emerging Technologies: New Direction for Libraries UBD Library - Brunei
8-10 Oktober 2012

"Jogja library for all" (JLA) is a network of libraries in Yogyakarta. The network offers the libraries collections and services to be accessible to people from anywhere. The libraries are spreading throughout Yogyakarta. However, locating the library to access any collection renders a geographical problem, because not all people know where the libraries are. Therefore, the online catalog is equipped with a map to locate the library which has the collection.
E-library mobile edition (elibME) is an android mobile application to support JLA's catalog online web. It helps the users to find a book and its locations. It recommends the nearest location from the user's position. eLibME uses data of the catalog to locate the position of the libraries. The map and route shown are sent by Google map based on the coordinates sent from the application. eLibME is downloadable free from Google play.

The paper primarily discusses the mobile application that applied to Jogja Library for All. However, the mobile application will not be applied if Jogja Library for All doesnít exist. Therefore, the paper elaborate Jogja Library for All, JLA for short, to give the background of the application of the mobile application. The elaboration comprises the background with a short history of JLA, the challenges and some characteristics, and the recent situation.
The discussion on mobile application will start from the significant numbers of mobile gadget usage in Indonesia and the trend of presenting information through mobile gadget by many organization especially academic libraries in particular. Finally the discussion on the mobile application for JLA will be specific in the architecture, and the technical part.
JLA project is inspired by the Sultan of Yogyakarta who is also the governor of Yogyayakarta special district province. One of the governor expert assistants, Mr . Bayudono, was the key person who eagerly made all efforts to bring JLA to reality. During the development of JLA, Mr. Ida Fajar Priyanto took an important role to make JLA progressing in amount of member, in promoting the network and also in enhance the content of JLA. BPAD (Badan Perpustakaan dan Arsip Daerah) or Libraries and Archives Regional Agency of Yogyakarta is the coordinator of JLA network. It represent the province as the coordinator of the network. They really commited to make the network work and develop.


Author :
Umi Proboyekti
Budi Susanto

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