Knowledge Management for The Library Collection Development

Knowlege Management for The Library Collection Development
Umi Proboyekti

in Proceeding of the Conference :The Academic Librarian: Dinosaur or Phoenix: Die or Fly in Library Change Management - University Library System, Chinese University of Hong Kong

There are differences of knowledge base between program department and academic library in developing library collection. Program department bases their collection on the curricullum details and subjects' material whereas the librarian use subjects description as the most detail information to decide what collection to but or get. This difference leads to a wide range of library collection or to budget inefficiency when money and space are issues. However, the knowledge of both parties has its own values that support decision on what collections to collect.
When both parties combine their knowledge in a knowledge repository they build a new knowledge and an agreement to develop the library collection. The repository is in form of several databases where relations among them produce information transformed to knowledge. Useing the relations, business intelligence techniques finds hidden knowledge that show the characteristics of collection to collect, and produce knowledge for both parties to complete each other in developing the library collection according to their role in academic process.
In the repository, the library knowledge supports on how patron use the collections in their academic process while the program department knowledge supports on what collection fulfill the subjects material they offer. This combination of knowlede becomes a base for developing the library collection where budget, space and communication are limited.

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11 May, 2016 | othie
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